this has been a rough year…

for the Charleston music scene.

first 96Wave was replaced with the horrible excrescence that is “Chuck FM,” and now Cumberlands is closing.

i realize this is old news, but it’s still bumming me out.

for almost two decades, Cumberlands has been one of the best places to hear local music. Hootie and Jump played there back in the mists of time. i’ve got plenty of fond memories of metal shows there.

i remember the move to King Street in ’04 – there was some concern then that the venue would close. but this really looks like the end.

everything ends, but this time it really stinks.

quote of the day:

“What will I be doing in twenty years’ time? I’ll be dead, darling! Are you crazy?” – Freddie Mercury


2 Responses to “this has been a rough year…”

  1. geofftech Says:

    it’s not so much their music policy – it’s their stooopid name. everytime i hear the phrase ‘Chuck FM’ – it makes we want to do just that. chuck up! stupid stupid name!!

  2. jhota Says:

    yeah, but the music mix sucks, too.

    not saying the Wave was that great in its final days, but at least they still played some local and regional stuff. now nobody does…

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