shiny bits and baubles…

that’s pretty much a summation of my original thoughts on the iPad.

with consideration, i revised that somewhat. but i was still a bit sceptic.

now, however, i’ve actually had my hands on one. and i really would like one. preferably a 3G. the killer app for me? Marvel Comics’ app – it really does take advantage of the gorgeous iPad screen well. it’s the first step to bringing comics into the digital age in a natural fashion, i think. not that i’m going to give up my monthly floppies! but for reading on the go? the iPad was made for such.

still not buying one, however. pricing is an issue (as i’ve said before), and that Marvel app? i’m not going to pay $2 for a comic i already have. give me collected trades! give me colour versions of Marvel Essentials! don’t rip me for another $2 bucks for a book that should have paid for itself in its print form (particularly since you’re charging $4 a book in print now).

but still, i’m convinced. the iPad is a worthwhile piece of kit. for a first generation device, anyway.

Apple has also released new MacBook Pro models – and they are truly nifty. as someone who has long been infatuated with Apple’s laptops (i’ve got a PowerBook 165 in my collection), these new MBPs are a kick ass evolution of their existing “unibody” design. now available with Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, they’re seriously fast. but the real selling points to me are the graphics upgrades.

with these new computers, Apple has two discrete GPUs: Intel HD (integrated in the Arrandale CPU) and NVIDIA GT330M graphics. by seamlessly switching between these two chipsets (based on user loading), battery life has been extended to a claimed 9 hours. which is probably a stretch, but still.

the new 15-inch model is also available with an optional 1680 x 1050 “high resolution” screen. it’s an impressive improvement over the base 1440 x 900 screen, carried over from the previous model.


quote of the day:

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” – Carl Sagan


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