the semester is about over…

and i’ve posted almost nothing.

so much for my intentions to post more, eh?

it’s not that i’ve not done any writing, it’s that i’ve not done any writing i liked. it’s strange; i’ve not made under a “B” on any writing assignments this semester, and i’ve been dissatisfied with every single thing i’ve written. not clear enough, too clunky in construction, whatever. but my profs have been satisfied. which, i guess, is what counts.

i do have some things i’m working on, however. i’ve got some revised opinions on the iPad and comments on the new MacBook Pro that i hope to have up in the next few days; i’m also going to be eating a little crow on a comic book related topic; and in a month or so, there will be a one-year report on my current car.

i’m working on a steampunk alternate history story, too. not sure if i’m going to serialize it here or not.

and maybe i’ll even get back to my random, incoherent foaming at the mouth on inconsequential subjects.

see y’all soon!

quote of the day:

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” – Peanuts, Charles Schultz


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