art meets… life?

first, an admission: i don’t use Twitter. while i think it has a lot of utility – primarily due to its popularity – it also suffers greatly from a low signal-to-noise ratio.

but plenty of people do use Twitter – i’d guess that a majority of my tech-savvy friends do.

and, from March of this year, so does Roland Hedley – a fact that was brought to my attention in today’s Doonesbury comic strip.

there are any number of people on Twitter (and the internet, for that matter) who have assumed the names of fictional characters. but, in this case, the Tweets are coming from an essentially fictional character. it’s not a fan assuming the character’s identity, but the creator (or someone Garry Trudeau has assigned the task). so, inasmuch as it can be, it truly is Roland Hedley Tweeting.

which brings me to my thought: where is the internet taking us?

with the anonimity provided by our screens and keyboards, we are accepted as who we seem to be. it’s possible, given the freeing nature of that same anonimity, that when interacting with strangers on the internet, we truly are ourselves.

as an extension of this, our “internet personas,” therefore, are real people that may differ from our “meatworld” aspects. with the increases in computing power afforded both by advances in chip technology and distributed processing, it probably won’t be long before some of the entertainment personas on the internet are partially or wholly automated. will these artificial personas have similar rights and obligations to those run wholly by meatworld puppeteers? or will those rights and obligations be solely borne by their creators?

i think we need to start considering where the line should be drawn now, before we have to make a decision then.

quote of the day:

“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.” – Alan Kay

One Response to “art meets… life?”

  1. John Butler Says:

    Twitter is the toilet paper of the Internet.

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