in other news…

wait, what?

i honestly have no clue what i was going to post about.

maybe The Digitel‘s Debutante Ball last week? nah. others have covered that fairly well. (note to self: organic stout donuts == awesome)

maybe Colonel Gaddafi’s election to chairmanship of the African Union? probably not. i mean, how many recycled Gaddafi jokes can one stand? really?

oh, i know! the Superbowl! wait. i didn’t watch it. (apparently, the Steelers won)

ha! i’ve got it! Michael Phelps smoked some pot! what do you mean, nobody cares?


oh well. at least i know what’s really important: depending on how you reckon it, it’s only 65 or 63 days until Opening Day

quote of the day:

“Ain’t no man can avoid being born average, but there ain’t no man got to be common.” – Satchel Paige


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