news flash! (spoilers ahead!)

Barack Obama’s in the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man!

what? you knew that?


well, how about this:

in this week’s issue of Final Crisis, DC Comics killed off Batman!

Batman, i say!

what, you don’t care?

well, in all honesty, neither do i.

there’s been a lot of chatter this week on the intarwebs about both the Obama issue of ASM and the demise of Batman. and the theme that runs through almost all of it is discontent.

funny, i thought comic books were supposed to make you happy. they make me happy. but maybe i’m just strange.

oh. i am strange.

but anyway, the critics seem to break down into 4 distinct groups:

  1. Marvel sucks because of the slipshod way ASM #583 was solicited.
  2. Marvel sucks for stealing DC’s thunder the week they were killing Batman.
  3. Marvel sucks for copying what others did first.
  4. DC sucks for copying what others did first.

so, let’s go through these in reverse order.

4. DC sucks for copying what others did first.

well, no. my favourite random (and very widespread) assertion from these folks is that DC killed off Batman because Marvel killed off Captain America, and everyone knows that Batman is DC’s analouge to Captain America.

let me repeat the goofy part of that again:

“everyone knows that Batman is DC’s analouge to Captain America.”

in a word, no. in six words, what the heck are they on?

how these folks are equating Batman and Cap is beyond me. Captain America, especially Steve Rogers (who was the Cap Marvel killed almost two years ago), is a figure of hope and justice within the law (Civil War notwithstanding). Batman is a figure of darkness and punishment. if you want a character in Marvel’s stable that matches Batman, you need the Punisher. family killed by crime? check. lots of fancy tech toys? check. works outside the law with the covert assistance of some members of law enforcement? check. the only big differences are Bruce Wayne’s wealth and refusal to kill, as opposed to Frank Castle’s blue collar roots and murderous nature. Captain America is far more of a Superman figure – Truth, Justice and the American Way really fits either one of them.

so i sincerely doubt DC killed Batman because Marvel killed Captain America.

3. Marvel sucks for copying what others did first.

apparently, because someone else used Barack Obama in their comic book (specifically, Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon #137 from September 2008), he should be off-limits now forever. no, i don’t think so.

Marvel has, for decades, used real-life figures in their books. Obama’s not even the first President!  Nixon was in Fantastic Four, Marvel Team-Up had a team-up between Spider-Man and the cast of Saturday Night Live, and Tom Wolfe showed up in Dr. Strange back in the 1960’s.

Obama is the hot ticket right now. whiners should  just ask Montel Williams – and then he’ll try and sell them pocket change with the President-elect painted on it.

and don’t forget Youngblood #8, due next month from Rob Liefeld and Image Comics, featuring – you guessed it – Barack Obama!

2. Marvel sucks for stealing DC’s thunder the week they were killing Batman.

well, if DC could get books out on time, Final Crisis #6 would have come out November 26, 2008. that’s right. almost two months ago. last year, even. how it’s Marvel’s fault for putting ASM out on time and stealing press from a two-month-late DC book, i’m not sure.

but i read it on the internet, so it must be true.

and finally,

1. Marvel sucks because of the slipshod way ASM #583 was solicited.

this is actually pretty much true, as far as i can tell.

are you upset that you couldn’t get an Obama cover variant of ASM #583 (first print, anyway)? well, thank Marvel for that. they didn’t tell retailers there would be Obama content in the original solicits, and the revised information came during the busiest part of the holiday season when retailers were trying to order three weeks of books (rather than the usual one). plus, Marvel required that retailers order more of the regular cover of #583 than they had of #575 to be allowed to order a number of the variant cover. which, when the book has been showing declining sales, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

but since Marvel dropped the ball, they can preen about how they’ve had to rush multiple printings of this issue to “satisfy demand.”

gee, great.

at least i don’t read Amazing Spider-Man anyway.

although i do kind of like the new third printing variant cover…

i probably shouldn’t encourage them, should i?

quote of the day:

“The right name is an advertisement in itself.” – Claude Hopkins


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