i think…

i’d like to go to the movies. but i’d like to go back (metaphorically, of course) to when it was an event.

i remember growing up, before the super-ultra-über-mega-monster-plex movie theater, that theaters had one, two, or at most four screens. and they were big. really, really big.

when you went to see a movie, it was far more immersive than now. sure, there wasn’t “THX-certified Digital Sound” or fancy “high-resolution DLP projection” – but we didn’t all have 40+ inch televisions at home, either.

tv’s have grown, and movie screens have shrank. you can have the same (or better) sound at home, too – without chatty neighbors and overpriced concessions.

when the lights came down, and the house quieted (because people shut up in those days), and the huge screen lit up, you went into another world. down the rabbit hole, or into Neverland – you were transported, if only because it was an experience you could have nowhere else.

now, it’s only a slightly better view than at home. the massive widescreen theaters of the 1950s have fallen by the wayside; dismembered, demolished or simply forgotten in favour of the cornucopia of mediocrity that serves as a movie theater today.

sure, stadium seating is great. but i’ve got a La-Z-Boy at home. massive speaker systems are cool. but i’ve got 5.1 Dolby Digital at home – without chattering fools on cel phones. the screens are tiny, too. instead of being a thousand times the size of your tv, they’re merely a couple hundred.

i remember going to see the latest Star Trek and Indiana Jones pictures at the old Ultravision in West Ashley, and Superman films at the General Cinemas theater in Ashley Plaza Mall. Star Wars at the old Fox in North Charleston.

i do like the Regal Cinemas at Azalea Square, it’s not as if i’ve completely turned away from movies in theaters, but it just isn’t the same.

at least there’s still a drive-in (relatively) nearby… anybody want to go to the movies?

quote of the day:

“Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater.” – Roman Polanski


One Response to “i think…”

  1. Kaylyn Says:

    This piece was a lieajfcket that saved me from drowning.

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