what a strange weekend it has been…

first, on Wednesday, unprecedented violence erupted as terrorists attacked the city of Mumbai. getting news of armed forces (irregular or otherwise) attacking the populace of the largest city of the largest democracy in the world was not the way i wanted to start my holiday weekend.

Thursday saw the live Rickrolling of an entire nation. so that was o.k. and i didn’t have to eat any turkey, either.

Friday was a downer, with a Walmart employee being trampled to death on Long Island and a fatal shoot-out at a Toys ‘R’ Us in California. Charleston wasn’t free of the weirdness, either.

and Germany is currently having a Santa shortage.

but at least WKRP is on the air in Cincinnati.

happy St. Andrew’s Day, everybody.

quote of the day:

“This is Les Nessman saying so long, and may the good news be yours.” – Richard Sanders, WKRP in Cincinnati


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