how hard is it…

to not run into another car while driving?

very hard, apparently.

leaving the house with almost two hours before i needed to be 30 miles away, i arrived at my destination with less than ten minutes to spare. thanks, morons.

a few things:

1. back the fork off. all of you follow too damn close. that’s why you keep hitting each other.

2. move the fork over. if there are cars less than 2-3 car lengths behind you and none within a quarter mile or so in front of you, you’re in the wrong bloody lane!

3. if your fellow idiots have managed to run into each other and amazingly gotten themselves and their cars out of the roadway, drive the fork on! other idiots slowing down to look is why it took you so long to get to the scene. have some courtesy for the other drivers.

this rant brought to you today by the vast majority of SC motorists.

quote of the day:

“There is no sin except stupidity.” – Oscar Wilde


One Response to “how hard is it…”

  1. Agricola Says:

    A bumper sticker I’ve seen:

    “Forget world peace – visualize using your turn indicator”

    So very, very true.

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