are idiots.

i almost said “you people,” but i like to believe that anyone with the discernment to be reading my blog is a cut above average.

take that as you will.

back to the point:

yesterday was payday for me. since it was payday, i made my usual stop to buy gas. one tank lasts around 350-360 miles, which is about a week’s worth of driving, which means i usually fill up on paydays.

and then i had to wait over half an hour, nearly cooking my engine (overheating issues are something i’ve been fighting for a while), while all the panicky fools topped off their nearly-full cars. if you’re topping up with less than ten gallons in a full-size pickup, you don’t need gas!

i came to the conclusion that over half of the morons (at least at the gas station i was at) had never purchased gas before. they stared at the nozzles as if they had no idea how it was inserted into their cars. after twenty minutes or so, i was tempted to demonstrate for them. and the rest seemed to only have cash; which meant they had to block the pump, then go inside and wait in line to pay, and then come back out and wait for the overworked clerk to figure out how to turn on the pump, then wait for the pump to take two minutes to dribble out the last fifteen cents of their ten bucks of gas.

and i’m going to ignore the persons who had no concept of a “queue.”

and why did all this happen? changing my nice, peaceful 25-minute journey home into more than an hour of idiocy?

because some morons believed that gas would go up a buck and a half within hours. so they told their friends. who told theirs. apparently somebody told the radio, too. i heard a national radio host telling people they should go top off because of the “problems in Charleston.” whiskey-tango-foxtrot, people?

if gas prices jump over forty percent in an hour due to Hurricane Ike (which was what many of the rumors said), it’s gouging. you don’t go buy gas. you call the Department of Consumer Affairs or the Attorney General’s office. it’s what they’re there for. you don’t freaking panic, you lemmings.

sometimes i despair for this country – we’ve got the potential to have the best government, economy and citizenry in the world, and what do we actually have? sheep who panic over obviously stupid rumors, and vote in anybody who will tell them what to do (as long as they promise to make it all better). left or right.

oh, and none of the stations i passed on my thirty-mile drive into town this morning had appreciably increased prices. morons.

quote of the day:

“In times of disorder and stress, the fanatics play a prominent role; in times of peace, the critics. Both are shot after the revolution.” – Edmund Wilson, Memoirs of Hecate County


2 Responses to “people…”

  1. Perakath Says:

    Why didn’t you switch off (the car) while waiting?

    (Oh dear– am I not a cut above average after all?)

  2. jhota Says:

    i thought about it, but:

    1. starting the car every couple minutes to pull ahead in the line actually would have used more fuel.
    2. it might not have re-started after the fourth or fifth time, due to issues with the starting system.

    my daily driver is a, well, clunker. it gets great fuel economy and it’s paid for, but that’s about all it has going for itself.

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