iHate Apple.

well, not really.

i’m mostly vexed with them for introducing a shiny new iPod Nano. and for not having any in the Apple Store for me to play with yet.

i mean, i like my 1G Nano. a lot.

i don’t want to turn into someone like Geoff, who i believe is on his 40th or 50th iPod.

(i’m kidding about that. but not hugely so. Geoff is addicted to iPods. it’s almost creepy. no snickering in the back about my Macintosh collection, please.)

anyway, the new Nano finally looks to be a suitable replacement for my 1G. it’s nice and elongated again (i hated the recent “squatty” phase), even if the new alloy case isn’t as pretty as the polycarbonate case of the 1G models.

the 16 gb capacity is nice, too. while i can easily fit “enough” music on my 4 gb, the ability to have four times the room makes me salivate a little bit. no longer would i have to “swap” playlists to fit my mood – i could just leave them all on the device.

and i wouldn’t feel so bad if i hadn’t listened to this week’s TWiT or This American Life podcasts by Tuesday – there’d still be room for all the daily shows i download, like the BBC’s NewsPod and Best Of Today.

the price point’s o.k., too: $200 for the 16 gb model. so maybe i’ll even spring for one in a couple months.

but i won’t abandon my 1G. it’ll still be my favourite.

quote of the day:

“Some persons are so frivolous and fickle that they are as far removed from real defects as from substantial qualities.” – François de la Rochefoucauld


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