where’s the money coming from?

no, really?

so the “War on Terror” is costing like $10 billion a month. the gub’mint just bailed out Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac to the tune of another $200 billion or so. Barrack Obama has promised “universal health care” and a tax cut (even though he’s going to lift the FICA cap, resulting in a huge functional tax increase for many folks). McCain has promised to cut taxes as well.

and let’s not forget those stimulus cheques.

it seems like it’s time we demanded some fiscal responsibility, both from ourselves and our government – remember balanced budgets? surpluses, even?

freedom should mean freedom to fail, too. i’m not saying that we should let people starve! but if you weren’t smart enough to read the paperwork and allowed someone to take advantage of you in the mortgage market – or if you were just greedy – why should those who didn’t (or weren’t) have to bail you out?

yes, we need to punish the wrongdoers – unscrupulous lenders who made lots and lots of bad loans. but that doesn’t absolve the folks who bought things they couldn’t afford from their responsibilities, either.

sorry for the rant, just a little uptight this morning.

quote of the day:

“No man is free who depends on his government for his sustenance, job, home, or hope.” – John Perkins


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