itchy feet…

i has them.

now, i don’t mean my feet actually itch. athlete’s foot is not a problem here. i mean that i really am jonesing to travel somewhere. i’ve not “gone away” since HeroesCon, and that was “only” to Charlotte.

i’d love to run off to the mountains this year. not going to happen. since i’m probably going to lose my Fall Break (due to the CofC’s closing for Hanna).

Geoff just got back from Chicago – man, am i jealous. he even got to drive back.

roadtrips are awesome.

there’s no real point to this post, by the way. i’m just randomly maundering.

and yes, i realize that “random” is assumed to be the case when one uses the word “maunder.”

so, anyway, where has anyone been lately?

maybe i’ll run off to Savannah for a day or two. or something.


quote of the day:

“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” – Charles Dudley Warner


2 Responses to “itchy feet…”

  1. Heather Says:

    I loaded up the minions and drove a total of 4000 miles in three weeks.
    I’m staying home until ConvergeSouth.

  2. jhota Says:

    i feel alive when i’m on the road, though. most people get somewhere and are tired; i’m revved up until i get home and it’s over. sometimes, when i’m on the way somewhere locally, it’s hard not to just keep driving. especially if i’ve got anywhere near a full tank of gas. the brain starts going: “you know, if you turned south, you’ve got enough fuel to get to St. Augustine.” or something similar. Atlanta, Asheville, take your pick: my brain sure wants to.

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