has a definition in the new Trek District.

i love the colour scheme, and the detailing is pretty nifty:even the included bottle cage bolts are colour-coded orange to match.

i am a bit of a skeptic concerning belt drive; since the belt cannot be split like a chain, the bike has to split. i wonder if the (possible) loss of frame rigidity is worth the (as yet unknown) increase in drivetrain life.

i’m really a skeptic concerning the price; a grand seems like a lot for a mass-produced aluminium singlespeed bike. especially built with no-name/house brand parts. not saying Trek house brand parts are bad: they’re not. but i can build a nice steel singlespeed with boutique parts for less. since Trek isn’t paying retail for parts (like i do), i’m sure the margin is really nice on this bike.

suffice it to say, i’m not buying one.

but it sure is pretty.

now, if they build the Gary Fisher El Ranchero, i might be tempted.

quote of the day:

“Aesthetic value is often the by-product of the artist striving to do something else.” – Evelyn Waugh


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