i may not be particularly sanguine…

about the course the country will take for the next four years (whoever wins the election), but these are certainly exciting times from an historical standpoint.

whether a Republican or Democrat administration is sworn in in January, either way it will be a history-making event.

i’m going to need to do more research on Governor Palin before i can form an opinion of her, but on first blush (at least to me) her selection doesn’t even partially seem a stunt. her record (again, based on what i’ve read so far) is just what the conservative wing of the Republican party likes to see (neatly offsetting McCain’s own moderate bent). here’s a case where his age may work to get him votes: this is just the sort of person many Republicans want as President, and the fact that McCain will be the oldest Commander-in-Chief ever (if he wins) may mean his time in office could be short.

the intarwebs have certainly gone (more) berserk since the news came out, with the vitriol flying back and forth really making both sides look like idiots.

this is going to be fun!

even if the result probably won’t be.

quote of the day:

“All Governments, including the worst on earth and the most tyrannical on earth, are free Governments to that portion of the people who voluntarily support them.” – Lysander Spooner


One Response to “i may not be particularly sanguine…”

  1. stewart Says:

    Yeah, either way a single phrase is applicable:

    “I weep for the future.”

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