the immigration problem…

is getting worse.

i nearly hit an armadillo on the way home from downtown last night. that’s right; the little Panzerschwein was waddling down the road verge just before midnight.

having lived in Texas, i can say with some authority that hitting a ‘dillo will really ruin your day. and trash the front end of your car.

Texas joke – Q: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” A: “To show the armadillo it could be done.”

so watch out for these waddling balls of mayhem. you don’t want to deal with the mess.

plus, they’re pretty cute.

fun armadillo fact of the day: they’re one of the few critters (other than humans) that can contract leprosy.

quote of the day:

“This singular production of nature … resembles a small pig saddled with the shell of a turtle.” – John James Audubon


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