what i’m NOT drinking now…

i realize it’s been a while since i posted anything, and even longer since i talked about what i’ve been drinking – but this stuff was so awful it required a warning post for all of you folks out there…

i present to you Warsteiner Cola. perhaps the nastiest thing i’ve had to drink all year.

to borrow terminology from Monty Python; this is not a beverage for drinking, it is a beverage for lying down and avoiding. this is a bottle with a message in, and the message is “Beware!”

i’ve always liked Warsteiner products in the past. i’ve drank far too much of the Verum (pilsner) and Dunkel (dark lager) over the years. so, fool that i am, i decided to try this new product.

big, big mistake.

this swill tastes like a watery, flat Coke rip-off. it’s thin and bodiless, with a nearly rancid soda-esque flavour. almost no nose, and what there is is a very chemical effluvium.

i really cannot emphasize how awful this stuff is.

you may have noticed that there’s not the usual “in glass” picture. this is because i could not bear to open another bottle. if i did, and drank the effluent, i’d probably have to wash my mouth out with NyQuil to get rid of the taste.

yeah. that bad.

the alcohol is a mere 2.9% ABV as well, so there’s not even enough kick to make you forget the taste.


oh, well.

i guess i’ll have to go to the store and find something drinkable.

quote of the day:

“I would much prefer to suffer from the clean incision of an honest lancet than from a sweetened poison.” – Mark Twain


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