comic stuff for the weekend…

what’s left of it anyway.

just wanted to give a little cheer for a couple Eisner awards, comment on Hancock, and speculate slightly on a book from last week.

first, the Eisners. full list of winners here, but i wanted to cheer some of my favourites that got recognized.

Justice League of America #11, Walls, won Best Single Issue (or One-Shot). great story with almost no action at all.

Buffy Season 8 won Best New Series. i’m a big Buffy fan, but this is a far better series than i expected. highly anticipated every month.

went to see Hancock. was very impressed. would love to see a comic series based on this, set before the present day. let’s see what effects these pairs of beings had on history.

was reading this post over at Has Boobs, Reads Comics. and i think we may have a leader for the Black Lantern Corps.

no, not the little guy. the big un’.

so that’s about it.

quote of the day:

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!


2 Responses to “comic stuff for the weekend…”

  1. jaz Says:

    I enjoyed Hancock even though it seemed to be two different stories sewn together in the middle.

    Will Smith delivered a great performance.

  2. jhota Says:

    and i didn’t get the “two story vibe,” though many folks did. to me, it seemed cohesive. the story arc made sense, even with the slow reveal.

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