HeroesCon, continued…

ambivalent feelings for Charlotte aside, i loved HeroesCon.

sadly, i’ve not got much in the way of photos, as i was too busy to take them. i’m sure i’ll do better next year.

it was really cool seeing so many people, of such varied ages, who all felt passionate enough about comics to spend ten bucks (or more) just to hang out with the folks who create them.

lots of folks in cool costumes (here’s where i wish i’d taken photos): there was a trio dressed as Speed Racer, Trixie and Racer X who were spot-on to the old TV show. multiple Jokers, Harley Quinn, Superman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, a pint-size Iron Fist, and a huge number of folks who were obviously anime characters whom i’ve never seen. my favourite costume was a woman dressed as Renee Montoya/The Question. there were also “organized” costumed folks there; with Klingons (along with a few Starfleet officers and Borg drones) collecting for charity, and Vader’s Fist also in attendance.

getting to meet the artists and watch them work was cool – it’s amazing what talent and experience will let someone do in a matter of minutes or hours, given a blank surface and writing implements.

best sketch of the con: Evan Dorkin did a brilliant sketch of a Skrull Milk and Cheese on a Secret Invasion sketch cover.

i particularly liked the way Artist’s Alley was laid out (though some of the “big name” pros apparently didn’t), with “Indie Island” smack in the middle. to me, having the “alternative” artists and publishers concentrated made it easier for folks like me (who mostly read superhero books from the big two) to sample what was available (stylistically and thematically). i’ll admit that i think a lot of the “indie” stuff is crap – hipness for hipness’ sake. but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. if these folks enjoy creating it and others enjoy reading it, i’m all in favour. plus, we need more non-superhero stuff if the industry is going to grow its readership.

i spent too much money: not that i spent a lot, but i spent more than i should. some with those handily clustered indie artists, and some with the multitude of dealers. prices on non-key modern age books ran from 2 bucks to 10 cents per, with key books running guide to multiples of guide. “hot” titles seemed a bit pricey as well – for example, i saw not especially rare Civil War books going for what (to me) seemed stupid prices. lots of Silver and Golden age stuff, some with very attractive pricing (i scored a gorgeous copy of New Gods #2 for a mere 5 bucks – i mean, Kirby pencils, Colletta inks, and the first appearance of Desaad for five bucks?) and some with very unattractive pricing (i was looking for Gold Key Man From U.N.C.L.E. books and couldn’t find any that i didn’t feel were overpriced – good to fine stuff priced like near mint). but i still haven’t actually sat down and figured out how many books i brought back.

tomorrow, i’ll finish with reflections on the panels i attended (all two of them).

quote of the day:

“If you love comics, you won’t care what Robert Kirkman thinks of your work.” – Todd Dezago, during the Image Show


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