i’ve been watching the news out of Texas…

concerning the state’s dealings with the FLDS Church. and i must admit to being torn in my personal views, especially given the dismissive nature of some of the comments i’ve heard and read in the press.

first, i want to point out that i am not (and never have been) a member of the FLDS or LDS Churches. in fact, i have very severe personal issues with their theologies as i understand them. i am also not a polyamorist. with that said:

personally, i feel that polygamy (or polyamory, or an “open relationship,” or whatever) is a perfectly valid choice for adults to make. i feel that polygny in particular is a particularly healthy way to raise children. the mockery i’ve seen of the choices that many of these people have made (based in most observed cases upon their appearance and manner of dress) has appalled me. but the allegations that have been made of child abuse bother me even more.

in the 19th century, it might have made sense for women to marry in their teens. but today, it certainly does not. and any marriage that is compulsory is abhorrent to me (particularly given the moral thrust of the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the rights enumerated in our Constitution). underage, forced “marriages” are most definitely not protected by our legal system. and while i sympathize with the mothers shown day-in and day-out on the morning news shows for their plight, (assuming there is truth to the allegations) they are themselves to blame for that plight (and the distress of their children).

part of having free will (whether it comes from law or a higher power) is the duty to exercise that free will in a responsible manner. whenever we witness something wrong or evil happening, we have a duty as citizens and human beings to speak up. i realize that these women were indoctrinated from childhood to believe that their life was correct and just. but, given that there are people who escaped the FLDS, it is obvious that knowledge of right and wrong was known within the Church’s confines.

so don’t mock these people because they are different in appearance. but don’t be swayed by their tears, either. save your sympathy for the children.

quote of the day:

“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.” – Hannah Arendt


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