and sometimes, Wednesday is…

the saddest day of the week.

Captain’s Comics got shorted on this weeks shipment. no big deal, right?

well, no.

this week the penultimate issue of Countdown shipped. but not to Charleston, apparently. though i’ve not been overly impressed with the book (it’s certainly no 52), to miss the throwdown between Jimmy Olsen as Giant Turtle Boy:

and the mighty Darkseid as, well, Darkseid:

kind of blows.

(note to readers: Darkseid’s not normally that tall. and when last we saw him in Countdown, he was around his usual 7 feet or so.)

but since the box’o’comics went missing somewhere, i don’t get to read it until next week. and the only way not to have it spoiled is to stay off the intarwebs. which isn’t going to happen.

and adding injury to what was merely insult, my copy of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Welcome To The Jungle went missing as well. so i don’t get to read that for a while either.

which actually sucks more, to tell the truth.

on the bright side, the original art for this page from Jamie McKelvie’s Suburban Glamour showed up over the weekend:

and it’s actually more attractive in just inks.

quote of the day:

“Suspense is worse than disappointment.” – Robert Burns


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