while today is tax day,

it is also the 96th anniversary of the death of RMS Titanic.

the second vessel of the ill-fated Olympic class of liners, in the spring of 1912 she was the largest passenger steamship in the world. notorious for White Star Line’s claims that she was unsinkable, Titanic has become legend in the near-century since the North Atlantic devoured her.

i’ve been lucky enough to be metaphorically close to Titanic, having been a guest aboard the R/V Akademik Mstislav Keldysh and inside the Mir submersibles she mothers. R/V Keldysh has visited Titanic‘s resting place more than once, and was also used as a set in James Cameron’s 1997 film.

so every year on this day, i try to take a moment to reflect on the 1,517 persons who lost their lives that April night.

quote of the day:

“There was peace and the world had an even tenor to its way. Nothing was revealed in the morning the trend of which was not known the night before. It seems to me that the disaster about to occur was the event that not only made the world rub its eyes and awake, but woke it with a start, keeping it moving at a rapidly accelerating pace ever since with less and less peace, satisfaction and happiness. To my mind the world of today awoke April 15th, 1912.” – Jack B. Thayer


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