i have long been a skeptic…

when it came to “social networking” sites. and i still hate MySpace with the fire of a million exploding suns.

but i joined Facebook last week.

the reason i joined Facebook was to make it easier to contribute to Dan Conover’s film project, Brunch of the Living Dead. Dan used Facebook to organize his motley film crew through three days of shooting and several weeks of organizing.

yet i was still hesitant to join Facebook, until i realized that i was already a member of at least one social network service (albeit a music-centric one) last.fm. though i had never used it for “networking,” but rather using for the handy music-tracking features, i was still on a social networking site. and nothing evil had happened because of it.

so i bit the bullet and signed up.

which was a huge pain in the rear.

the sign-up process leaves a lot to be desired. for one thing, my name on Facebook isn’t my name. it’s my grandfather’s. the name i sign all my checks and other legal documents with? too many capital letters and too many repeated characters. and lots of people don’t even call me that anyway. realizing i can be a bit of a stubborn idiot, it still shouldn’t have taken me over twenty minutes to sign up. but it did.

now that i’m using the service, i can’t really say i expect it to change my life. but it’s interesting, anyway.

and that damned Never-Ending Movie Quiz is addictive.

quote of the day:

“The virtues, like the Muses, are always seen in groups. A good principle was never found solitary in any breast.” – Siddhārtha Gautama


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