Cthulhu fhtagn…

today is Cthulhu Day! hooray!

here’s some accessories suitable to celebrate the dread dreamer’s special day:

Cthulhu antenna ball

My Little Cthulhu

and my favourite, the eminently huggable plush Cthulhu.

quote of the day:

“Y’knath gthu’n’ullha k’th’ryggki y’leth k’yi mrrh’ungha shabu’ll’yeh, p’knoi ng’rea pgrn’thywla wrr’ingen q’rhi g’rrneth phta’lyagn dbnat SUV, plg’n hfrn’ngaah.” – Cthulhu


One Response to “Cthulhu fhtagn…”

  1. Lowcountry Blogs » Get Your Geek On Says:

    […] Leave it to JJ to not miss Cthulhu Day. […]

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