you know it’s a bad sign…

when i agree with Gov. Sanford.

one should not require identity papers to travel inside the United States. period.

realizing there are some security issues involved in free travel, i believe that the issues of personal freedoms and civil rights trump.

i realize that this point of view is a bit sensationalistic and paranoid, but legislation like the “Real ID” is the first step on the way to checkpoints with jackbooted thugs demanding “Papers, please.”

quote of the day:

“It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of the nation, that the position of the individual is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole.” – Adolf Hitler

One Response to “you know it’s a bad sign…”

  1. tubachingching Says:

    heheh you are quite the character… very well written blog i must say… id be here all day if i were to comment on each individual post…. keep up the great work!! i’ll beh BACK!!

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