really exciting comic book news…

Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, who hasn’t had an ongoing book in over a decade, is getting a re-launch.

and who’s writing it, you may ask?

none other than Muriel Gray.

the only woman to ever hold the post of Rector of the University of Edinburgh, she is a familiar face (and voice) to British audiences, having been an on-air personality for both Channel 4 and BBC radio.

more importantly to comic book fans, she is a best-selling horror novelist. (she also writes a column for the Sunday Herald). so she should have a good feel for the gothic, otherworldly tone that is needed to make a Dr. Strange book work.

it’s probably obvious i’m looking forward to this, though i’ve got no idea when the series is going to start. but i’ll be glad to see the Doctor in his own title once more, and not simply as a deus ex machina in books like New Avengers

oh, and the Night Nurse had better be a recurring character. and please don’t hate me because i like Night Nurse more than Clea, folks.

quote of the day:

“By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!” – Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme


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