so it’s time…

to complain about the Clintons.

because i promised.

so, Bill Clinton is the only Presidential candidate i ever voted for who won – i voted for him in 1996, rather than voting for Bob Dole.

i voted against him in 1992, fwiw. in most other elections i’ve either voted for the loser from the other major party or the Libertarian candidate.

but that’s not my point.

i’m not a fan of the Clinton machine. i feel that they have a history of grossly manipulating data and the rules to get whatever they happen to have as a political goal at the time. i found Hillary’s “reverse carpetbagging” to win her seat in the US Senate ethically questionable.

but more specifically, like it or not, international terrorism is a major threat to the stability of the United States and the civilized world. and it’s the mishandling of or national security (as it concerned terrorist threats) during the Clinton administration that allowed the events of 9/11 to happen with so little warning.

to be fair, i actually think that the Bush administration’s “War on Terror,” while effective in destroying al-Qaeda, have been just as ineffectual as the Clinton administration’s actions.

but there is no doubt that the Clinton White House knew how dangerous al-Qaeda could be, and that the follow-up to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was a bit lackluster. while the direct perpetrators were arrested, tried and convicted, al-Qaeda itself was allowed to find a safe haven in Afghanistan. from this sanctuary, the organization was able to continue attacks on US interests, including the Cole bombing.

so i’m not really a fan of the Clintons’ record on terrorism.

Hillary voted for the Patriot Act.

she’s made conflicting statements concerning executive power: to whit, that if it’s a Republican in office, executive authority should be weakened – but if it’s her or her husband, that the “president usually deserves the benefit of the doubt from Congress on matters of executive authority.”

Hillary’s in favour of the death penalty.

and let’s not forget the standard Democratic party fiscal irresponsibility.

generally, i just think she’s too much a politician. and we’ve done so well with those. the current debate over the Democrats’ disqualified convention delegates comes to mind: when she was a frontrunner, she supported the DNC rules about primary dates. now that those disqualified delegates may mean the difference in her winning the nomination and losing, she (in the person of her campaign) is calling for those delegates to be seated come the convention.

just not someone whom i feel comfortable with in the nation’s highest office.

quote of the day:

“The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.” – H.L. Mencken


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