not sure how this affects…

my geek cred, but i watched the Knight Rider “backdoor pilot” last night.

and liked it.

sure, it wasn’t the same as the original, but it sure wasn’t the dreck that was Knight Rider 2000.

things i liked:

  • K.I.T.T.’s nanotech self-repair. much more plausible than the original’s “Molecular Bonded Shell.” i also liked that it wasn’t named or explained until late in the show: exposition avoidance rules, particularly in an action show.
  • the corny acting. no, really. it wouldn’t be Knight Rider if it wasn’t hokey.
  • cameo from The Hof.

things i didn’t like:

  • so, when the bad guys’ GM suv t-bones K.I.T.T., i guess we find out that he’s not only got nanotech repair, he’s made out of depleted uranium or something. since he’s massive enough that the truck crumpled like paper (and K.I.T.T. didn’t budge).
  • apparently, all cars are Fords. not that i don’t like Fords, and i understand the whole show sponsorship thing, but some Japanese cars would have been nice – like a Miata or something? just for a little realism.
  • we don’t know if the series will make. i’d love to see this kind of corn back on TV – light hearted, light-brained entertainment is a good thing sometimes.

but overall, it gets a “thumbs up.”

and just to possibly destroy any respect for me anybody had before this post, i also liked Knight Rider 2010.

quote of the day:

“Walking isn’t a lost art – one must, by some means, get to the garage.” – Evan Esar


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