so the first 2009 Corvette ZR1 was sold at Barrett-Jackson.

for one million dollars. that’s a nine hundred thousand dollar premium over list.

let me repeat that: nine hundred thousand dollars.

it’s a gorgeous car, with well over 600 hp on tap (compare that to the now seemingly puny 380 hp of the original ZR-1) and world-beating performance. and, admittedly, the overage is tax-deductible – since it’s going to charity – but it’s still nuts.

of course, the guy that bought it also paid a million bucks for Corvette 003, the oldest surviving production model.

so i guess he’s eccentric, not nuts.

quote of the day:

“The ZR-1 makes the statement that we can do things today that no one even dreamed could be done ten or twenty years ago.” – Dave McClellan, Corvette chief engineer, speaking of the first ZR-1 in 1989…


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