i like tiny cars…

so it’s probably no surprise i like the new Tata Nano. i realize it’s got the environmentalists up in arms (even though it meets Euro IV emissions standards), and for what are probably at least semi-valid reasons. carbon emissions are carbon emissions, no matter the source.

but considering the news stories i’ve heard about it on the BBC (and other places), i think it’s what India needs right now. i can’t believe it’s that much worse than the essentially non-emissions controlled vehicles (scooters and motorcycles) it will most likely be replacing. and i think a family of four is much safer inside a car than hanging off the sides of a scooter (which one of the families the Beeb interviewed was doing)!

so i’m a fan. not that i feel it’s anything suitable for the United States, mind. safety issues come to mind, as well as the much higher road speeds on our highways. but i still like it…

quote of the day:

“What a lucky thing the wheel was invented before the automobile; otherwise can you imagine the awful screeching?” – Samuel Hoffenstein


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