one hundred years ago today…

the Grand Canyon and its surrounding areas were made a national monument, though it didn’t become a national park until 1919.

if you’ve never been (and live in the US), go! you won’t regret it.

quote of the day:

“No matter how far you have wandered hither to, or how many famous gorges and valleys you have seen, this one, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, will seem as novel to you, as unearthly in the color and grandeur and quantity of its architecture, as if you had found it after death, on some other star; so incomparably lovely and grand and supreme is it above all the other canyons in our fire molded, earthquake shaken, rain washed, wave washed, river and glacier sculptured world.” – John Muir


One Response to “one hundred years ago today…”

  1. joan Says:

    It is awesome. I did the hike in some years ago. Amazing.

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