not saying i only post meaningful things…

but this post’s definitely devoted to the strange things out there.

did you know those wacky Germans have a new tv channel? dedicated to Death?

well, they do.

the founder of the channel, Wolf Tilmann Schneider, as quoted by The Daily Telegraph: “More than 800,000 people died in Germany last year. Multiply that by four and you have a rough estimate of the number of relatives affected. They will be our target audience. We are convinced that Eos TV will attract viewers.”

yep. ’cause that’s exactly what i want in a tv channel.

somewhat more interesting to me, and marginally more useful, are the latest thing to come from South Korea’s genetic laboratories: glowing cats.


yep. creepy fluorescent cats. sign me up! i mean, think of the uses!

yeah, i couldn’t think of any either.

but they are kind of cute in a glowing specter of creepy radioactive death way…

and finally, the global warming folks have been warning us of the dangers of cow flatulence. so now the Rowan Tree pub in Edinburgh has introduced artificial cow flatulence.

the pub has a mechanical cow posterior that breaks mechanical wind on the hour, complete with a dry-ice visual component. CO2 emission, what?

now we just need to have a study to determine which is more harmful – natural or artificial cow farts.

quote of the day:

“The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth.” – Albert Camus


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