WYSIWYG beer report…

no, i won’t explain it. if you don’t understand, Google WYSIWYG and think about the results…

first up is Jimmy Buffet‘s beer, Land Shark Lager.


as big a fan as i am of Jimmy (and i’m a pretty serious Parrothead) , i’m not that impressed with this beer.

it’s brewed by Anheuser-Busch and meant to be a “clone” of Corona. it’s insipidly bland, with even less flavour than Corona. no recommendation at all, except stay away. particularly since it costs almost two bucks more a six-pack than Corona, and near three bucks more than Arriba.

which leads me to:


Bud Light!

is it beer, or is it water? i’m not sure.

but i drink quite a lot of it, actually. i think Bud Light may be the single best American macrobrew, simply because it’s totally inoffensive. bland, bland, bland – with very low alcohol content.

best of all, it shows up at almost every party, giving something at least marginally drinkable. marginally.

quote of the day:

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” – Henry David Thoreau


One Response to “WYSIWYG beer report…”

  1. Chuck Boyd Says:

    I was enjoying Michelob Ultra for months before I realized it was a “light” beer.

    I read the facts about it and liked the lowered calories and fat content…and think it tastes pretty good.

    Not a Boddingtons of course.

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