my take on the Golden Compass flap…

well, unless you’ve been living under a rock (and if you have, is there room for me?), you’re at least somewhat aware of the current controversy over the movie based on Philip Pullman’s novel The Golden Compass.

my take, directed specifically at the right-wing zealots who are foaming at the mouth about this, is: STFU already.

it’s a freaking movie, people. if you don’t want to see it, and don’t want your kids to see it, then don’t. but trying to get the movie or books banned? that’s the first step on the way to Taliban-style government.

i don’t have a problem with people saying they don’t like something and that they feel it shouldn’t be supported – but too many groups too often go beyond that. and that’s not what this country is about. our basis of society is the guarantee of rights, not the restriction of them.

are the books anti-Christian? possibly. but they were written at least partially in response to Paradise Lost and The Chronicles of Narnia – two of the most pro-Christian works of popular fiction ever written.

particularly amusing is the ignorance of the groups who quote Pullman as saying he “is of the Devil’s party and does know it.” what these people either fail to realize (or willingly disregard in order to scare others into their camp), is that Pullman was borrowing William Blake’s description of Milton: “he was a true Poet, and of the Devil’s party without knowing it.” Pullman constructed his trilogy as an intentional opposite of Milton’s epic – not as a personal assault on the bastions of religion.

quote of the day:

“Yet this only is what I request to gain from this reason, that it may be held a dangerous and suspicious fruit, as certainly it deserves, for the tree that bore it, untill I can dissect one by one the properties it has. But I have first to finish, as was propounded, what is to be thought in generall of reading Books, what ever sort they be, and whether be more the benefit, or the harm that thence proceeds?” – John Milton, Areopagitica


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