the randomness of me…

so, i was working on a program for a computer lab lately and needed an image to test it with. since the ones the prof had given us didn’t really produce anything that was recognisable as being valid output, i came to this site and grabbed a couple.

the lab assistant noticed, and commented “I haven’t seen that website before.”

instant thought: there’s a lot of websites on the intarweb, dude.

but i actually responded with the information that it was my blog.

“You have a blog?” total disbelief.

instant thought: doesn’t half the world blog anymore?

i affirmed that yes, i had a blog, and that this was it.

“What’s it about?”

and that’s where i was stuck.

because i’m not really sure what this thing is about. most folks, when giving advice to neophyte bloggers, suggest choosing a theme or central message and sticking with it. the common wisdom is randomness doesn’t draw an audience or keep the author’s interest.

but i don’t have a central theme or message. it’s just not me. what i’ve got are a lot of things i’m interested in, many of which have nothing to do with each other. and here i am, a year and three months on, and still going.

in half a dozen different directions, but going.

and my readership is continually growing, too. day-to-day page hits fluctuate a bit, of course, but the weekly and monthly trends keep climbing.

so to all of you who like these ramblings, thanks for stopping by, and i hope to keep you interested into the future. i mean, where else are you going to find pointless rants about cricket balls, comic books, and socially relevant holiday mascots all in the same place?

catch y’all later!

quote of the day:

“Only entropy comes easy.” – Anton Chekov


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