on this Pearl Harbor Day…

it’s difficult to come up with sentiments that aren’t either trite or angry.

sixty-six years ago, this nation realized it could no longer stand aside and simply watch the world burn – the two oceans that had been her shields were no longer a barrier for conflict. so she went to war, with victory leaving half a million dead and over forty years of “cold” war to come.

there can be no doubt that World War Two was a justified conflict, and the men and women who won it for the Allies were heroes. every person alive today of Jewish, Romany or Slavic descent is evidence of this – that there are some things that will not be allowed to happen.

but war is a choice. a choice made by the leaders of countries – or perhaps i should say rulers, for most who choose war do not lead. they decide, for one reason or another, that they should send their troops to kill and die.

and sometimes that choice is justified. the current war in Afghanistan is one example of such; though the strategic choices and choices to micromanage tactics have been execrable, the goal at the beginning was certainly admirable.

but it seems throughout history, that choice has usually not been justified. from Sargon of Akkad’s conquest of Sumer to Hitler’s invasion of Poland, rulers have made morally poor choices. the current world situation is definite evidence that this trend shows no sign of changing soon – with at least thirty ongoing conflicts, some of them over forty years old, bad decision making abounds.

whatever one thinks of the two major wars the United States is involved in, it seems apparent that it is past time for the voters to call for a change and hold elected leaders accountable. sadly, based on history, it’s also apparent that such action is entirely unlikely.

quote of the day:

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?” – Mahatma Gandhi


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