o.k., the bit from this that had me laughing…

isn’t the actual point of the post. but i still had to share this Tuesday’s post from Dave’s Long Box (there’s a link in my blogroll, too).

the post itself is about whether Superman or Marvel Comics’ Thor would win in a throwdown – but this is the part that had me rolling on the floor:

I can accept that the rather juvenile “THOR RULEZ SUPERMAN SUXXIT” argument isn’t really valid. That’s like saying a Star Destroyer could defeat the Next Generation Enterprise because it looks cooler. While that may be true, one has to be able to back up one’s statement with some sort of credible nerdy argument. For instance, a Star Destroyer would totally crush the Enterprise-D because it has all those TIE fighters and a million six laser cannon – it would just swarm over the Enterprise which can fire like, one phaser shot every five minutes or so and would be too preoccupied with trying to hail the Star Destroyer and make friends to put up much of a fight.

man, sometimes it’s worth it to be a geek. i feel sorry for all those who don’t get the humor in stuff like this…

quote of the day:

“Computer, compute to the last digit the value of pi…” – Spock, Wolf in the Fold


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