some readers may remember…

my post about the controversially named energy drink called Cocaine. well, following up on my interest in questionable taste in marketing as it pertains to the energy drink market, a friend of mine brought this wonderful product to my attention:

Blow. (warning: website plays music and has no mute button. thanks, stupid web designer!)

they sell their product in different sizes – not just single vials. you can buy a “stash” or a “brick” as well.

hooray for poor taste, i guess.

but it’s “only” got 240 mg of caffeine per vial – so, if mixed to instructions, Cocaine is still the top dog in the caffeine wars. for what it’s worth.

i guess, if you’ve got a product that’s got no intrinsic value and iffy health issues, marketing geared toward idiots is the way to go.

and yes, if you’re a fan of this product, i just called you an idiot. suck it up.

quote of the day:

“Marketing is what you do when your product is no good.” – Edwin Land


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