here’s a game sure to be a hit…

or maybe not.

the United Nations Refugee Agency has taken a page from the US Army‘s playbook: they’ve got a free video game.

unlike America’s Army, however, the player is not kicking butt on the enemies of freedom – they’re getting their butt kicked by the enemies of freedom. intended as a teaching tool, Against All Odds puts the player in the place of a refugee trying to escape oppression.

i’ve played with the game a bit, and i’m not overly impressed. not because i don’t think the stated mission of the UNCHR is important – it is. but i’m not sure that guilt-tripping school kids (the target audience) with blood and violence is the best way to go about it.

as usual with my opinions, your mileage may vary.

quote of the day:

“For over two thousand years it has been the custom among earnest moralists to decry happiness as something degraded and unworthy.” – Bertrand Russell


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