not a homebrew post yet, but:

since i’ve not gone through all the pictures i took (or written the text to go with) while brewing this weekend, i figured i’d give an update on what i’ve been drinking lately.

i know it’s been quite a while since i posted one of these, and i’ll explain why in a bit.

but first, i’ve got this:


well, actually, i don’t have this. ’cause i drank it. and it was good. i mean, really, really good. i like barleywines anyway, and this is one of the better ones i’ve ever had. Baggywrinkle Barleywine is a product of Cisco Brewers on Nantucket (hey! isn’t there a poem about… wait. never mind), and it has a nice mouthfeel and colour. lots of maple syrup and caramel, with a hint of truffle flavour and nose. floral hops that aren’t overpowering. not available in the South, as far as i know, sorry.

but i only had the one bottle of that. so what have i been drinking?

well, my quaffing time has mostly been given over to Harpoon Brewery’s excellent Raspberry UFO.


a hefeweizen-style beer (i say “hefeweizen-style” because “true” hefeweizens come from Bavaria, according to the beer snobs), UFO is very good. but the raspberry variant surpasses very good to excellent. perfect for Charleston’s sweltering late summer and early fall weather, it cools without being heavy or too alcoholic. not an overly complex beer, raspberry and wheat flavours dominate. nose is similarly “fruity.” as someone who normally drinks one six pack, and then switches to another brew – i’ve gone through four packs of this in a row lately. that should prove how much i like this beer.

oh yeah, go Sox!

quote of the day:

“Don’t wash your trotters in the finest wine, while we’ve got some raspberry honey-wheat beer!”  – Old Dun Cow, the Pyrates Royale version


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