you know, i could really use a drink.

it’s been a horrible past couple of weeks.

but things are looking up – my workload for school is about to taper off somewhat (at least until the next flurry of tests, papers and programming assignments), the weather is turning gorgeous (love those cool, breezy fall days), and i’ve got two cool mechanical projects to work on in my free time: a 1967 Jaguar 420G (“G” is for grand, as one motoring publication stated) and a 1956 Austin-Healey 100/4.

but man, o man. i haven’t brewed a drop of beer in months. and i’m jonesing for some time stirring a brew kettle.

who’s up for some homebrew?

quote of the day:

Let us drink for the replenishment of our strength, not for our sorrow.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero


6 Responses to “you know, i could really use a drink.”

  1. Stewart Says:

    You forgot the third, and most compelling mechanical project you have this weekend.

    That one absolutely cries out for beer. Maybe a porter since it’s cooling down?

  2. jhota Says:

    what’s compelling aboot that? it’s a timing belt, dude…

    plus, it’s not MY car…

  3. Lowcountry Blogs Says:

    […] JJ is ready for some home brewin‘. […]

  4. Chuck Boyd Says:

    Since I used to drive a 1959 Triumph TR3 back in the sixties, thanks for NOT calling your 1956 Austin-Healy an “antique” or “classic.”

    Does one just mix together stuff to make home brew and, a few days later, hoist a cold one? Is a “batch” a 6-pack or a case? As much as a keg?

    Do you brew to save money, to be creative or to come up with hard-to-find flavors?

    Thirsty minds want to know.

  5. jhota Says:

    well, unfortunately the Healey isn’t mine. it’s my father’s. but i get to wrench on it, so that’s almost as good.

    though i think both cars are classics – and technically, they’re both antiques as well – they are also just as viable transportation today as they were fourty years ago. old doesn’t mean bad, and the diminutive effect of certain appelations does bug me a bit. they’re old, sure. but they’ll both still be around when the Hondas or Toyotas of today are just memories…

    as for brewing, i think i’ll take photos today and blog a little about the process and results. but in short, it takes from a week or so to several months for a batch to be ready, and i usually brew five-gallon batches. saving money is good, but the difference in quality is the biggest reason, i think.

  6. homebrewing, part one… « i’m not drunk enough for this. Says:

    […] part one… so, as i’ve promised some peopleĀ (i promised a homebrew blog to the Babbledogfolks something like three, four months ago), […]

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