comic book stuff with TV (sort-of) spoilers…

well, not comic book stuff exactly. but close.

two of my favourite comic book hero(ines) will be appearing soon on a TV near you. well, sort of. one’s not exactly herself (and my TV may not be near yours, precisely). but you get my drift.

firstly, Supergirl will be appearing on Smallville this season. not a revelation by any means, but there are now production stills available on the interweb for those of you who want to see how they have fit Kara Zor-El into the Smallville mythos (and character design philosophy). yes, this apears to be the real Supergirl, for those that care. deeper questioning for the geeks who care – since Clark was an adult when Kara appeared in the comics (both times), what kind of relationship will they have now that she and he are relatively the same age? he will still be the acclimated one, but without the dignity provided by greater age – will she listen to his advice? or will we have another Lois-type, but with the ability to get herself out of super-trouble unaided?

second, Wonder Woman is back on TV! sort-of. long-time readers (more on the concept of “long-time readers” tomorrow) know of my enthusiasm for Fox Television’s Bones. well, in this season’s Halloween episode, Brennan will be wearing a Wonder Woman costume to the Jeffersonian Halloween party. Booth will be wearing an Apollo costume, apparently (toga! toga! toga!). most interesting about this upcoming “event” has been the stirring of the rumor pot concerning who is to be cast in the movie

quote of the day:

“I always admired Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk – but I don’t know if I’d be a very convincing Hulk.” – Lucy Liu


One Response to “comic book stuff with TV (sort-of) spoilers…”

  1. jaz Says:

    Hopefully, this will mean more super action, less indecisive Clark moments, on Smallville.

    The writers were on the right track with Justice last season.

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