pondering things i saw on the way home…

tourists, no matter how attractive (and she was pretty), should wear underwear. particularly if they are going to wear a (very) short miniskirt, go on a carriage tour, sit in the outside seat, and put their feet up on the seat in front of them. it puts everything right in the line of sight of oncoming traffic, dear.

people need to hang up and drive. duh. but it would also be nice if they’d tilt the seat back up far enough to look in the rearview mirror and see the traffic backing up behind them as they wobble from side to side in the lane. at a speed 15 miles per hour under that of the rest of the traffic on the road.

it bothers me when i see a Bradley IFV in sand colours, emblazoned with large red crosses (signifying a medical vehicle), that is also equipped with a weapons turret. couldn’t tell what was in the turret, but still. what kind of folks are we fighting that our medics need that kind of weaponry? (rhetorical question, folks).

saw one of the SoBe Love Buses downtown today. that is a truly garish monstrosity. but i guess it gets the brand out there – kind of hard to miss a full-size school bus painted metallic green and silver with giant chrome-ish lizards on it. i really don’t like SoBe beverages, by the way. not a fan of the flavours, and anybody who co-brands with “No Fear” pretty much loses my buying dollar automatically.

people need to learn how to ride bikes correctly. as in, don’t go the wrong way down a one way. it’s stupid. stop at stop signs. don’t weave from side to side randomly. don’t ride on (and then sporadically off, then on again) the sidewalk. don’t talk on your cel phone (while weaving on and off the sidewalk). take those stupid headphones out of your ears. i could go on and on, really.

long-haired dachshunds are cute.  i mean, really cute. it took a huge amounts of self control to not jump out of the car and cuddle it. but the owner might have been a bit put off.

quote of the day:

“You can observe a lot by just watching.” – Yogi Berra


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