helpful tip:

on some Austin Minis (the real kind, not the BMW revival), the safety catch on the bonnet is directly adjacent to the alternator belt.


quote of the day:

“I was working on my wife’s car a couple weeks ago, I was putting a new fan belt on. Do you know on the back of a car fan belt, it says ‘Be sure you stop the motor first’? Wouldn’t you love to have been there the first time that happened? Some guy walks in the house, his hands are all cut up… ‘Hey Walt, what happened?’ ‘Uhhh, I’m gonna give you boys a little tip: you gonna put a fan belt on a car, you better shut that motor off first. You can’t stop it with your hands, man! It’s like a machine, or something!’ ” – Bill Engvall


One Response to “helpful tip:”

  1. j Says:

    Dude, that’s like the best way ever to give your readers the finger. Good thing you didn’t really give it to the alternator belt.

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