why i hate flying…

because today, two days after i flew home, i woke up badly congested with a sore throat. i can’t breathe too well (that’s why i’m sitting up typing this instead of lying down), and can’t hear too well either.


i was sitting in a window seat with a couple of toddlers in the row beside me and a screaming baby behind me. flying aluminium tubes of disease, that’s all airplanes are.

maybe next trip i’ll wear a mask.


2 Responses to “why i hate flying…”

  1. JanetLee Says:

    That sucks. Major. Worse than smelly fat guy next to Jason on the four hour flight. Worse than the guy with the boob seeking elbow on my stint in the middle on the way back.

  2. ChrisM Says:

    Ugh, children are pathogen carriers (and spreaders). I keep my distance from kids…especially in confined spaces.

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