i’m not really a drunk…

i just play one on the internet.

it’s time for a bumper update (pun intended) to the “What I’m Drinking Now” segment of the blog.

first up today:


mmmm. Sam Adams Black Lager. i think this is my favourite beer from the boys at Sam Adams. medium-bodied and easy to drink, it has distinct caramel and coffee flavours. an American version of a schwarzbier, this one’s recommended for anyone not afraid of beer you can’t see through. heck, even if you are a fan of “yellow” beer, give it a try. you may like it.

for those who do like yellow beer, you might like to try this:


Sierra Nevada Summerfest. basic summer lager. nothing special, but it beats the heck out of Bud Light.

anywho, you might want to try (but probably can’t):


mmm. homebrew Pennsylvania swankey. a traditional American style of beer, it’s very light in body and alcohol content, with a somewhat unusual brewing adjunct: anise seed. this gives the beer a slight, though noticeable, licorice flavour and aroma. one of my favourite styles of beer to brew and drink – and you can’t have any! sorry.

another homebrew i’ve been enjoying is:


a nice dry stout. high alcohol content, lots of heavy roasted malt and coffee flavours. and, again, you can’t have any.

so, you could have some of an old standby:


Newcastle Brown Ale. if you aren’t familiar with this, you should be. i think it’s one of the most widely distributed British beers in the US. it’s not the best beer in the world,. it’s not the worst. generally inoffensive, though the stupid clear bottles can lead to skunky beer (light is bad for beer – why the guys from Newcastle don’t know this, i have no clue).

anywho, last beer of the evening:


Palmetto Amber. super local brew – some molasses, some tea, even a touch of honey in the nose and mouth. medium body, so you can have more than one without feeling full. nice carbonation. an all-around good drinking beer. highly recommended and very accessible, whether one is a big beer drinker or not.

so, i’m going to be in Boston for the 4th of July (which is why i picked that last glass) – and i promise to drink lots of neat beer there. don’t expect a report, though. at least not anytime soon – we all know how i am with travel reports!

quote of the day:

“God made yeast, as well as dough, and loves fermentation just as dearly as he loves vegetation.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


5 Responses to “i’m not really a drunk…”

  1. Rob Zazueta Says:

    OK, you gotta post the recipe for your Pennsylvania Swankey. That sounds good…

  2. jhota Says:

    i’ll dig it up when i get back from Boston…

  3. Chuck Boyd Says:

    Hey, you touted Abita when I planned my trip to NOLA and it was great. Did you know you can order an Abita Amber now at EVO Pizzeria in North Charleston?
    1075 E. Montague Avenue, a few blocks up the street from Madra Rua where I drink my Boddingtons.

  4. jhota Says:

    good deal. i’ve been an Abita fan for years, and while they’ve had distribution to some grocery stores locally, there hasn’t been much availability in local watering holes. glad to know that may be changing.

    haven’t seen it here in Beantown, though.

  5. John S Thompson Says:

    Would you please send me the recipe if you don’t want to print it. Also let me know where you found it, and any history you might have regarding this beer. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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