mini rant spasm…

just some random vitriol for a beautiful sunny Saturday:

1. eBay bidders. can they not read at all? if the auction listing says PayPal and US bidders only, i would assume that it means PayPal and US bidders only. so i’m constantly barraged with “hey, i’m not in the US, let me bid” and “i’m not going to pay with PayPal” messages. tough cookies, folks. times like this, i’m reminded why i got out of retail.

2. Paris Hilton. can we please stop hearing about her (and her ilk)? the constant attention is what creates these creatures that everyone is constantly bemoaning. duh.

3. Lowcountry drivers. this probably applies elsewhere, too. firstly, the left lane is for passing. if you aren’t passing, move over. if there’s a car behind you, move over. i don’t care if you’re doing the speed limit and the other cars aren’t. you’re not a police officer – traffic enforcement is not your job. if you are “in the way” of an aggressive driver, all you are doing is making the situation worse. just pay attention, and move over! if you’re on a road with more than two lanes per side, this rule applies for the center lane as well. slower traffic keep right – that’s the side with the gas pedal, by the way. oh, wait, a lot of you obviously don’t know where that is. secondly, if you have to come to a complete stop before turning, get off the darned road. you’re too incompetent to be driving.

4. aggressive drivers. slow the *bleep* down. really. i often drive fast – faster than the speed limit. sometimes a lot faster. but only when conditions allow. end-of-day rush hour? yeah, that’s not when. you don’t need to weave in and out of traffic – it doesn’t really get you there any faster. slow and steady really does win the race, most of the time. you aren’t Dale Jr. (or Michael Schumacher, or Keiichi Tsuchiya, or whoever) – and the public streets aren’t Laguna Seca (or Santa Pod, or Talladega). so just take a chill pill, please. this goes triple for motorcyclists.

5. electronics companies. pick a format, please! not just in the new DVD format war (really, i like Blu-ray better – and think HD DVD will “win”), but in computer internals. specifically, graphics cards. i want to build a new PC (since Starcraft II is coming! woo-hoo!), but have you seen the number of interface standards there are for video cards? there’s like six AGP interfaces, and at least six PCI-Express types. i just want pretty colours!

6. Marvel comics. please stop making crap movies. Spider-Man 3 was horrible. Fantastic Four in no way deserved a sequel, especially one where Galactus is reduced to a thunderstorm. and a Hulk sequel? please, make it stop. i am holding out hope for Iron Man, though the animated direct-to-video feature was pretty bad.

all that said, i’m feeling pretty good today. enjoy the weekend, folks!

quote of the day:

“It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.” – Edmund Burke


3 Responses to “mini rant spasm…”

  1. geofftech Says:

    What is Paris Hilton famous FOR anyway? I know that means talking about her, but i can’t remember WHY she’s “famous”. anyone?

  2. jhota Says:

    she’s famous for being famous. well, and rich.

  3. Jared Says:

    Don’t forget night vision…

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