once again, i’m not dead.

really. i know it’s been a while (o.k., like almost a month. again.), but it’s not because i don’t like talking to you guys.

it’s just that i’ve been busy. with what, you ask?

well, i’ve been browsing Amazon to find junk to replace the stuff dad and i have been removing from the garage. some of the stuff has been good stuff (like the first generation Transformers toys currently on eBay, so hurry if you’re in the market), some has been junk, and some has been somewhere in between. needless to say, cleaning and categorizing has kept me a bit busy. speaking of eBay, i’ve been buying a lot of comic book lots lately, too. so grading, bagging, boarding, and entering them in the database has keeping me from blogging as well. i’ve also been doing the work thing (’cause a guy’s got to eat), and i’ve been drinking beer, of course (got a few brews i need to write about, too). oh yeah, and i got accepted to the College of Charleston.

with this post i’ve also beaten Stewart to a June post, as well. neener, neener, neener.

quote of the day:

“Your knowledge is only overshadowed by your stupidity!” – Megatron


One Response to “once again, i’m not dead.”

  1. j Says:

    Well, since you’re not dead, I don’t have to worry about whether or not to give you mouth to mouth.

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