so, anyway, i went to…

New Orleans, of course!


yes, finally, it’s the long-promised report on my visit to the Big Easy.

it’s a bit short (especially considering that i was there during Carnival), but i think my faithful readers (all two of them) will bear with me…

well, flying in on the Saturday before Mardi Gras, we had stand tickets for the Krewe of Iris and Krewe of Tucks parades. if you ever are in NOLA for Carnival season, i strongly suggest springing for stand tickets at least once; the view is great, as you are at the same level as the float riders, and it’s less packed and frenetic than the street crowds.

iris.jpg  – a float in the Iris parade

captucks.jpg – Tucks’ Captains’ float

stormtrooper.jpg – even the 501st Legion made an appearance

so, that evening we went to dinner in the Quarter and checked out the mayhem on Bourbon Street, later retiring back to the hotel to rest up for day two…

flag.jpg day two dawned bright and beautiful (but chilly!), and…

kingcake.jpg after a nutritious breakfast we set out to explore the city, discovering…

winston.jpg that even Winston was having a good time!

begniets.jpg we also found time to stop at a local landmark for more food

wandering down to the convention center, we watched my uncle and his fellow riders in the Krewe of Bacchus load up on their floats for the evening parade…

float.jpg my uncle was on the “Bug’s Life” float, by the way – all the riders were costumed as green bugs…

then, we headed back to the hotel to don our formal finery in preparation for the Bacchus Rondezvous held in the convention center.

rondezvousfloat.jpg after winding through the streets of the city, the Bacchus parade rolled into the convention center in an explosion of beads, with the floats and marching bands cruising down aisles laid out between the tables.

beads.jpg it’s impossible to express how many beads were flying off the floats at this point. anything that fell on the floor was ignored by the revelers, and veritable drifts of plastic formed between the tables and aisles. we ended up bringing back over one hundred pounds of them, and we were nowhere near as agressive in acquiring them as a majority of the others. there were partygoers with multiple large rolling suitcases filled with them leaving the convention center later…

hungbeads.jpg so, after sleeping off the party, we left for home on Lundi Gras, skipping the mayhem that is Mardi Gras. it was a grand time, and i can’t wait for the next opportunity i have to do it again…

quote of the day:

“Never be the first to arrive at a party or the last to go home and never, never be both.” – David Brown


3 Responses to “so, anyway, i went to…”

  1. Chuck Boyd Says:

    Hey, thanks for the long-awaited NOLA update. BUT, did I read it right? You were there …. and left just BEFORE Mardi Gras??

    I see the similar picture of powder-sugary beignets at Cafe Du Monde but did you get a Muffelatta? And eat it, sitting on a park bench, in Jackson Square?

  2. jhota Says:

    yep. left on Lundi Gras, both in order to miss the travel havoc on Wednesday and so i could get back to work. i don’t get vacation time, just unpaid time off…

    and i kind of cheated on the beignets – i didn’t stop at the original Decatur St. location of Cafe Du Monde, instead i went to the Riverwalk Marketplace location (it was right down Poydras from our hotel)…

    nope, no muffalettas this trip… now i’m hungry.

  3. j Says:

    Thanks for the report about NOLA! Sounds like fun. I’m looking forward to reading your Boston report.

    I guess I’m not one of your faithful readers since we both know I read other blogs. ; )

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