darn Fox!

so Fox has cancelled Drive.

ten days – wow. that’s a lot of time to let an ensemble-driven show with multiple plot lines try to find an audience.

i know it’s not stellar programming like American Idol, American Dad, or Family Guy.

wait. all those shows are horrible.

so Fox, which has two shows that are worth watching (House and Bones), cancels one that might have been worthwhile had they allowed it to find an audience.

so, if you can find it in the schedule, watch Bones. if it hasn’t been pre-empted by American-bloody-Idol again.

darn Fox.

quote of the day:

“Every time you think television has hit its lowest ebb, a new type program comes along to make you wonder where you thought the ebb was.”¬†– Art Buchwald


One Response to “darn Fox!”

  1. KellyLove Says:

    American Idol, American Dad, and Family Guy in the same sentence? My trash tv sensibilities are duly noted, but even I think American Idol is a suck fest. I must disagree with lumping the three of these together. Family Guy is brilliant and Seth MacFarlane is a genius, while American Idol is a craptacular mass marketing campaign to the functionally illiterate.

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